Reduce waiting time with SNAP fast-fold poker!

What is SNAP Poker?

SNAP Poker is 888poker's fast poker format, designed to reduce waiting time by dealing new cards the moment you fold. SNAP is faster and better than any other online poker software, it's available in cash and tournament formats, and it's also available on mobile devices, so you can play your favourite games anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how it works

When you play SNAP poker, you are automatically placed in a group of players and each time you fold, you are randomly assigned to a different table.SNAP allows you to fold before the game turns out-of-turn against you and, after a few seconds, you are dealt a new hand with a new opponent. The new hand is dealt to a new table with new opponents. However, the other players at that table do not know that you have folded until it is your turn.

Fold, watch and play

Select "fold" or "SNAP fold" and click the "Fold watch and play" button, or hold down the Shift key and click "fold" or "SNAP fold" to continue watching the folding movement.

Select "Fold watch and play" and a new screen will appear. On this screen you can watch the rest of the game in "watch mode". From the original screen, you can move to a new table and continue playing.

Please note that it’s only possible to observe one hand at a time.

The "Fold for viewing and playback" option is only available for SNAP ring sets.

How to join SNAP games

When you enter the main lobby of 888poker, the SNAP tab is located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Clicking or dragging on the left side of the screen will open the main SNAP lobby; under the SNAP tab there are two sub-screens with options to play "Cash" or "Tournament".

To participate in the SNAP Cash Game, first click on "Cash Games". Then double-click on the name of the pool to highlight it and click on the "Join" button.

To see a list of SNAP tournaments you can enter, click on "SNAP tournaments". Select your tournament, pay your entry fee and start playing.

A list of SNAP tournaments can also be found under the 'All Games' tab in the main 888poker lobby.