Knock ‘em out and reveal your cash prize

What is a mystery bounty tournament?


Like other prize tournaments, the prize amount in mystery prize tournaments is random and no one knows what their prize is until they are eliminated and the prize envelope is opened, revealing the prize amount.

How does it work?


Mystery Bounty tournaments start as normal tournaments. However, once the tournament enters the Mystery Bounty phase, secret bounties appear over players' heads. These mystery bounties are only revealed when a player is eliminated. After just one elimination, a player can win large cash prizes.

The best bit:

Mystery Bounty tournaments offer more chances to win cash prizes than ever before. You don't have to win a cash prize. All you have to do is knock out your opponents on the Mystery Bounty stage to win a cash prize. It's very simple.
Every day you can take part in a number of special events with mystery prizes for all levels of entry.

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