Deep stack poker

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If you're a cash gameThen deep stacks are your ticket to the big tournaments. Higher starting stacks and longer blind levels make them more suitable for cash games. Cash players usually play with around 100 big blinds, while tournaments average between 20 and 50 big blinds. Deep-stacked tournaments are somewhere between cash games and high stakes games.tournament poker, allowing for more ways to play.

To view the Deep Stacks tournaments in 888poker, click on "All Games" >> "Tournaments" >> "All".

The main differences in deep stack tournaments are (1) players start with many more chips than usual (usually 5000 or more) and (2) blinds are raised much later than usual (15 minutes or more). This allows players to accumulate more chips during the hand and play slower.

Why Play Deepstack Tournaments at 888poker?


  • Less luckThis type of tournament has more variability, with more players in each level.
  • This is the perfect tournament for cash game players. Chips.a lot more aggression.
  • If you're looking for a place to try new moves and expand your poker knowledge, this is the place for you. There's plenty of time to check-raise.all-in bluff!


  • Due to the much longer blind levels, this tournament takes longer to play than other tournaments.
  • Winning such tournaments usually requires a higher level of skill, so it's very difficult to beat some of the better (and luckier) players.

Is this Tournament Type for You?

If you're used to playing cash games, this type of tournament is for you! You're probably used to playing in large groups. If you're good at deep stacks.Multi-Table Tournaments(MTT) payouts are much better than in regular cash games.

If you have good poker skills and knowledge, deep-stacked tournaments are also good for you. If you want to come out on top, you need to play better after the flop. Having a large chip stack makes it easier to change your game and learn about your opponents' weaknesses.

If your goal is to get better at pokerPut a few of these tournaments on your schedule, as they have the added advantage of higher payouts in MTTs. Just make sure you have the time and focus to attend these longer tournaments.

Deepstack Tournament Strategy Tips:

  • Be Patient:With a free level of compulsory bets and a large initial pool, you can afford to wait for a good hand. You don't have to play like a neat player, but try to hold your hand a little.
  • Exploit The Nits:Take away your opponent's blind bets and force him to fold his weak cards. Conversely, if your opponent bets big, you must fold your weak cards or stop betting if he continues to call.
  • Be Aware of the Short Stacks:Most players will have a very high number of points, but watch out for players who can go all-in at any moment. You may be able to eliminate them.
  • Be Creative:The more chips you have, the more interesting the flop, turn and river can be. Use your wits and imagination to outsmart the more experienced players.
  • Don’t Run Big Bluffs:In large stack games, chips are usually exchanged in small amounts. If you lose a large portion of your chips by bluffing, it is dangerous and it is almost impossible to get them back. Therefore, be frugal when adding chips to the bank.
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