Knockout Poker Tournaments

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Knockout poker is a type of MTT (multi-table tournament) in which each player receives a percentage of the prize pool. If a player "knocks out" an opponent in a tournament, he or she is guaranteed a cash prize or "winnings" before the end of the tournament.

To view the Progressive KO tournaments, click on "All Games" >> "Tournaments" >> "Progressive KO" in the 888poker software.

The interesting thing about knockout tournaments is that a higher percentage of participants can win prizes than the usual 10-20%. Are you fed up with great results but get knocked out before you win the prize money? In knockout tournaments, you can beat more opponents and still win prize money.

Progressive Draw Poker tournaments are similar to the knockout method, but with an exciting twist! This means that after a large number of players have been eliminated, it's possible to win big cash prizes.

Why not try out our knockout tournaments, which you can enter via the 888poker client? Check out the tournaments below;link for more information on the variant.

Why Play Knockout (KO) Tournaments at 888poker?


  • Even if they don't achieve great success, they can benefit enough from receiving rewards.
  • Less emphasis is placed on the final stages of the tournament. This makes the whole tournament interesting from start to finish.
  • It's not a traditional tournament format, but at 888poker you'll find knockout games that can be played 24/7.
  • This format usually attracts recreational players and increases the likelihood of winning large cash prizes.


  • Tournament poker is subject to big fluctuations. It can therefore be unprofitable for a long time.
  • Tournaments are less flexible than cash games. Tournaments take time to run.
  • Playing short stacks is an important part of tournament play. For those who like to play deep, it's not very exciting.

Is This Tournament Type for You?

Tournament poker is the most interesting form of poker. Who wouldn't be interested in winning big money in a day? With a relatively small investment, you can build up a big stack in a short time.

One of the advantages of knockout tournaments is that they are smaller. The fact that prize money sometimes covers buy-ins means that big drops are less likely. Of course, since some of the prize money is used to cover winnings, it is also less likely that there will be a big jump in the other direction.

In knockout tournaments, there is less incentive for players to play strictly. As a result, there is usually more action in this format than in regular MTTs. If you want to keep a long bankroll and have the luxury of a big stack, this is the format for you.

Knockout Tournament Strategy Tips

  • Target Shorter Stacks -The expected value of each decision increases if the other party is covered. The reason for this is that there is a possibility that the other party is eliminated.
  • Use ICM Calculations –As with normal tournaments, the profitability of decisions should be analysed using independent chip modelling (ICM). The fact that a particular game increases the size of the stack on average does not necessarily mean that it is profitable on average.
  • Aim for the Final Table –Monetary rewards are a good incentive to be more aggressive, but again the main advantage is the higher monetary reward. In general, it is better to keep a good stack and risk going bust than to reduce your stack and get into a bubble.
  • Change Strategy Based on Stack –The correct approach to a given hand depends on your current stack (including other variables such as blind composition). Very small chips should be played aggressively and not waited for to break. Larger stacks are often more conservative/ patient, but you should try to take out as small a stack as possible (especially if there is no threat to your tournament life).