Turbo and Super Turbo Poker

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As the name suggests, turbo and super turbo tournaments run much faster than normal tournaments.poker tournaments. Blind levels increase rapidly as the game progresses, so you can beat big tournaments in a matter of hours. Blind levels in turbo tournaments are usually between four and six minutes, while blind levels in super turbo tournaments are usually three minutes or less.

Higher blind betting rates can cause you to run out of chips earlier than usual. You can put all your chips in when you need them and don't have to worry about it.

Of course, there is more dispersion in such tournaments.luck factor” will be more of a factor.

Why Play Turbo & Super Turbo Tournaments at 888poker?



  • It takes just a few hours, at the most, to final table these events.
  • If you like the speed and intensity of poker, this game will make your heart melt. If you don't win the game from the start, you'll have to spin more and go all-in.
  • If you win, you'll make a big hit in a very short amount of time.


  • These tournaments tend to be very volatile. Dividends are somewhat volatile.
  • Wins would be neither here nor there, and there would be nothing like a slow tournament win rate to allow more poker to be played.
  • Blind bets are fast and can be easily eliminated as soon as the tournament starts.

Is this Tournament Type for You?


If you're the type of player who just wants to have fun, this type of tournament is for you. Are you the type of player who hits the all-in button and wants to watch the cards fly around?

These tournaments are also a good choice for those who are short on time, don't want to play long poker sessions or can't concentrate for long periods of time. Tournaments usually last a few hours, so there is plenty of time to play rounds at the cash tables.

Turbo & Super Turbo Tournament Strategy Tips:


  • Tighten Up Shortly After The BubbleWhen the bubble bursts, players start dying immediately. Use this moment to play a game of light and climb the prize staircase.tighter than normal.
  • Be Willing To Take ChancesYou will have to enter the game several times before the end. To win the jackpot, you must be willing to bet.
  • Steal The BlindsYou don't have to do it in a 72-piece suit, but you do because the blinds are so fast.steal blinds to keep your stack healthy.
  • Adjust to the Looser Playing StylePlayers use all-in on every hand. Depending on the size of the blinds and the amount of chips, you may need to play more (or less) hands.
  • Don’t Beat Yourself UpIf you don't do so well, don't despair, as there is a lot of luck and variation in this type of tournament. If you win, everything can change in an instant.
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